We are CHRONOS, a dance collective of four young dance artists. We founded this collective in 2015 during our final year at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. 

Our work is known for the time-related and social themes that mark our performances. We look for a way to place a topic from the past, present or future into a current context that applies to society.

Our work is physical, theatrical and poetic in which the body is our main instrument for expression. Our aim is to transmit a message, a concept that concerns and speaks to us as human beings. We are interested in unconventional relationships between audience and performers in order to challenge the spectator during a performance.

Charlotte Mathiessen

Charlotte Mathiessen comes from Zürich, Switzerland.
She lives and works as an independent dance artist in Amsterdam.

Coralie Merle

Coralie Merle comes from Lausanne, Switzerland.
She is currently based in Lausanne where she works as a freelancer.

Sarah Soethoudt

Sarah Soethoudt comes from Venlo, The Netherlands.
She is currently based in Amsterdam where she works as a freelancer.
Vera Goetzee

Vera Goetzee

Vera Goetzee comes from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
She works as a freelancer in Amsterdam.

Foundation Chronos

Our Board:
Angela Linssen (president)
Daisy Benz (treasurer)
Leonie Baars (secretary)
Heather Ware
João Pinho

The foundation's aim is to enrich the dutch and international cultural sector by creating dance pieces and organizing activities in the field of dance.

Our foundation has the ANBI status.

Statuary name: Stichting Chronos
RSIN: 858623572

Spechtstraat 41
1021 VT Amsterdam
IBAN: NL44 SNSB 0706 1293 93

Compensation policy:
The stichting is not allowed to pay a fee to board members of the stichting.
The board members get reimbursed for costs they made in their function as a board member.